Wednesday, June 10, 2015

DLAG: Nick & Nora/ Sid & Nancy

In this episode, we get a better look into Luke's apartment. Though it is a bachelor pad, it still has that country, rustic feel from the days when it used to be his dad's office.
 For example, this card catalog, a bigger model of the one downstairs in the diner, would totally be back in style these days.
I also love Luke's ingenuity in using objects for other purposes than they were intended for. Here, he uses an old safe as a side table.

Monday, June 1, 2015

DLAG: The Break-Up, Part 2

Antique stove. Very "I Love Lucy"

In this episode we get a first glimpse of Sookie's house, which I am a big fan of. We'll see more of her excellent color choices in future episodes, but here I want to focus on these doors leading from the living room to the kitchen. Swinging doors with glass panes give it a restaurant kitchen feel.

DLAG: Christopher Returns

This antique hutch/cabinet is very pioneer era. The panes are metal with designs poked into them. This would be great for storing dishes or to use as a pantry. Another great piece!

DLAG: Double Date

I love multiple aspects of Luke's Diner. In this shot, you can see a lot of his antiques, including a card catalog (very popular right now, Luke was before his time) and some old milk jugs. Search your local antique shops for similar finds!