Wednesday, June 10, 2015

DLAG: Nick & Nora/ Sid & Nancy

In this episode, we get a better look into Luke's apartment. Though it is a bachelor pad, it still has that country, rustic feel from the days when it used to be his dad's office.
 For example, this card catalog, a bigger model of the one downstairs in the diner, would totally be back in style these days.
I also love Luke's ingenuity in using objects for other purposes than they were intended for. Here, he uses an old safe as a side table.

Monday, June 1, 2015

DLAG: The Break-Up, Part 2

Antique stove. Very "I Love Lucy"

In this episode we get a first glimpse of Sookie's house, which I am a big fan of. We'll see more of her excellent color choices in future episodes, but here I want to focus on these doors leading from the living room to the kitchen. Swinging doors with glass panes give it a restaurant kitchen feel.

DLAG: Christopher Returns

This antique hutch/cabinet is very pioneer era. The panes are metal with designs poked into them. This would be great for storing dishes or to use as a pantry. Another great piece!

DLAG: Double Date

I love multiple aspects of Luke's Diner. In this shot, you can see a lot of his antiques, including a card catalog (very popular right now, Luke was before his time) and some old milk jugs. Search your local antique shops for similar finds!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

DLAG: Rory's Birthday Parties

 I love this dollhouse and the fact that it is never actually used as a plaything anymore, but for decoration. Here it is in a bedroom, where it works great with the decor, but later Lorelei puts it in her living room, where it works just as well. A great way to display a meaningful piece of childhood, although personally I would put it in a girl's bedroom.
This white wrought-iron shelf is perfect for storing plants on the porch and that is exactly how I would use it.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

DLAG: Kill Me Now

I love this pale sage green wicker patio set. And it goes perfectly in the corner of a wrap-around porch, as seen here. I also like that Lorelei uses a lantern on top of it.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Decorate Like a Gilmore: Pilot

New segment for the blog is starting today: Decorate Like a Gilmore. I will be sharing the best home and business decor ideas inspired by the show. There won't be a post from every episode because the decor doesn't change every episode but there will still be plenty of ideas!

So let's get started.

This is one of my all-time favorite decor ideas from the show: the classic Luke's mug shelf. This could be an easy DIY. Just nail together a couple of two by fours, paint a cute color, and hang on the wall to display mugs or some other collection.

Another iconic piece is the Gilmore mailbox. Very rustic with that small town charm. For this DIY, I would take a regular mailbox, stencil on your last name, then distress it a bit.

This is one of the few elements that you can't DIY, but I love Lorelei's living room. From the built in shelves in the corner to the brick fireplace with that mantle. Very quaint!